Running Astrodrizzle

runastrodriz is a module to control operation of astrodrizzle which removes distortion and combines HST images in the pipeline.

Typical Usage

>>> [-fhibn] inputFilename [newpath]

Alternative Usage

>>> python
>>> from wfc3tools import runastrodriz
>>> runastrodriz.process(inputFilename,force=False,newpath=None,inmemory=False)

GUI Usage under Python

>>> python
>>> from import teal
>>> import wfc3tools
>>> cfg = teal.teal('runastrodriz')

PyRAF Usage

>>> epar runastrodriz


If the ‘-i’ option gets specified, no intermediate products will be written out to disk. These products, instead, will be kept in memory. This includes all single drizzle products (single_sci and single_wht), median image, blot images, and crmask images. The use of this option will therefore require significantly more memory than usual to process the data.

If a value has been provided for the newpath parameter, all processing will be performed in that directory/ramdisk. The steps involved are:

  • create a temporary directory under that directory named after the input file
  • copy all files related to the input to that new directory
  • change to that new directory and run astrodrizzle
  • change back to original directory
  • move (not copy) ALL files from temp directory to original directory
  • delete temp sub-directory

The ‘-b’ option will run this task in BASIC mode without creating headerlets for each input image.

The ‘-n’ option allows the user to specify the number of cores to be used in running AstroDrizzle.