Image Registration Tasks

A number of tasks have been developed to support the registration of images. This includes documentation for the replacement task for IRAF’s tweakshifts, currently named TweakReg, along with tasks for updating the WCS in HST images and performing photometry equalization for WFPC2 data.

These pages describe how to run the new TEAL-enabled task, as well as use the classes in the task to generate catalogs interactively for any chip and work with that catalog. The current implementation of this code relies on a very basic source finding algorithm loosely patterned after the DAOFIND algorithm and does not provide all the same features or outputs found in DAOFIND. The fitting algorithm also reproduces the fitting performed by IRAF’s geomap in a limited fashion; primarily, it only performs fits equivalent to geomap’s ‘shift’ and ‘rscale’ solutions. These algorithms will be upgraded as soon as replacements are available.